16 Fun Ways To Dye Easter Eggs

16 Fun Ways To Dye Easter Eggs

It’s getting closer to Easter and we’re always excited to do our family tradition of dyeing Easter eggs. Every year I try to stay away from the store bought kits and try to come up with a fun and different idea that we can do ourselves. So I’ve rounded up 16 of the coolest ways to decorate your Easter eggs this year! There’s everything from science activities, glow in the dark eggs, to activities my one year old could even do!

1. Baking Soda Easter Eggs – From Mess For Less
2. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs – From A Thrifty Mom
3. How To Dye Eggs With Shaving Cream – From A Thrifty Mom
4. Easter Egg Fun For Little Ones (Mess Free!) – From Who Arted?

5. Confetti Easter Eggs – From Quad City Moms Blog
6. Sparkly Dot Easter Eggs – From Domestifluff
7. Dinosaur Eggs – From Our Best Bites
8. Kool Eggs (Kool Aid) – From Hey Jen Renee

9. Toddler Friendly Egg Decorating – From Fun At Home With Kids
10. Glow In The Dark Eggs – From Growing A Jeweled Rose
11. Fingerprint Easter Eggs – From Crafty Morning
12. Super Bright Rainbow Easter Eggs – From No. 2 Pencil

13. Sharpie Tie Dye Eggs – From Housing A Forest
14. Easy Spotty Eggs – From Red Ted Art
15. Chalkboard Eggs – From Oleander and Palm
16. Water Color Eggs – From Spoon Fork Bacon

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